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Black Butler, Vol. 15
Yana Toboso
Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration, Vol. 2
Nobuhiro Watsuki
Dark Times
Jessica Gruner, Rob Reger
Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, #3)
Jim Butcher
Cinderella Dressed in Ashes (The Grimm Diaries, #2)
Cameron Jace
Blood Lad vol. 4
Yuuki Kodama

Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, #7)

Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, #7) - Lorelei King, Patricia Briggs More of the same...Got bored, tried to skip through and eventually just gave up. I think this marks the end of reading any more in the series.

Geek Love

Geek Love - Katherine Dunn I really wanted to like this book. I was really into it until about 30% and then it was just so hard to stay engaged. The dialogue was so hard to keep up with and find a groove. In the end it just wasn't meant to be and I just didn't care enough about the characters to stick with it until the end.

Black Butler, Vol. 5

Black Butler, Vol. 5 - Yana Toboso After reading this, I am seriously craving Kare Pan

River Marked (Mercedes Thompson, #6)

River Marked (Mercedes Thompson, #6) - Patricia Briggs This was ok, a little boring and felt like filler for the next book. I also thought it was rushed because there were a few grammatical errors.


1Q84 - Haruki Murakami 11% finished and wow...I can't even find a plot or a purpose to go on...I'm even distracted by lip balm and not engaged with any of the characters.
Soulless  - Gail Carriger Not bad. I kinda like the take on Vampires & Werewolves mixed in with Victorian themes and views. The lead character did prattle on a little too long at times, but I'm kinda glad it took a while for the romance part to get introduced and such...I'm slightly curious about the next book.

Ender's Game (Ender's Saga, #1)

Ender's Game (Ender's Saga, #1) - Orson Scott Card So I was looking forward to this book because everyone and their Mom was raving about it. I made it 54% before getting super bored with it. Ok, I just read not more than a chapter ago that people hate Ender. He's perfect. Toons. Battles. Swords. Pizza. Cheeseburgers. More battles and backstabbing and oh hey now these people really want to kill you and your sister & brother are creating political mischief. Oh hey another battle...Ooooo...Aaaaah. The end.
The Tale Of The Vampire Bride - Rhiannon Frater Hmm...This started out really good! Especially after reading The Historian. This was Dracula how vampires should be. I did think the heroine got a bit over the top after she turned. Yea, we get it, you hate Vlad. Yea, he's mean and violent. How many times does Glynis need to stomp her foot? Oh right, once more with feeling please! I think some of the story could have been edited out due to repetition and there were still a few grammatical errors that stood out, but hey - it was still an ok story. After getting through a bulk of the middle (where I wanted to quit) the story picked up again and raced towards the end where a lot of the action takes place. There were also a few predictable moments. Definitely not as good as "Pretty When She Dies" but still a nice take on an old classic.
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova This is the 2nd time I've started to read this book. I made it a whole lot farther this time, but uh why? Not sure...no seriously, no clue why I made it to 350 pages and yet, there is still too much to read. I had really high expectations from this book - I was a bit disappointed that it just kept dragging on the same idea over and over - it reminded me of the Saw movies where they use what seems to be the same scene over and over and over again. I think there could have been a bit more action since it's based on Dracula and what Vampire is going to hunt down people to collect and archive their life? Last time I checked vampires were into sucking blood and taking no prisoners unless they needed a day minion. Sure I get it's about a student Historian collecting different works and such, but geez someone could have edited out 300+ pages. This is almost reminding me of George R. R. Martin & "Game of Thrones" where there happens to be some foreshadowing followed up by foreshadowing followed up by even more lots of nothing to do. This should go on the "Gave up on list" but I feel like I've invested something so I'm counting it towards my completed list even though I wasn't even done with it.
The Alchemy of Stone - Ekaterina Sedia The writing style of this Steampunk novel was easy to read and quite lovely. It reminded me a lot of Battle Angel Alita and a bit of Full Metal Alchemist (Anime & Manga). It was interesting to see things from the Gargoyles perspective - especially as they watched the city crumble around them. The ending, well...hmmm...I'm not sure what I would have expected otherwise, but it did seem a bit rushed compared to the pace of the rest of the book and it did seem a little typical, but I honestly don't know how I would have it end.

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin Wow. 800 pages. A truly epic fantasy series that reminds me of the extended uncut 4 hour Lord of The Rings in book format only with more time spent on describing everything (less action), and I do mean everything.

There was a ton of foreshadowing, then the story would be captivating and engaging, then even more foreshadowing...and still more. I thought it spent a lot of time describing minor characters such as a serving girl or a slave boy and things could have been cut down or out.

While I like and can appreciate the detail that was spent describing things, after a while it just became cumbersome and I started skimming to try to find important pieces that pertained to what I felt was actually important to the story. I also wanted to get to the end because certainly after all this reading there has to be some reward right? I'm honestly surprised I stuck with it because more than once I thought about giving up and moving on to a different book. The ending was a bit cliche and a bit disappointing and because of it, I won't be continuing the series.
A Fistful of Charms - Kim Harrison As everyone previously mentioned, there are a ton of spelling & grammar errors. The ideas and parts of the story are great, but I wish we could move on from the Ivy/Rachel issue, Rachel to just kick Nick to the curb, grow a backbone, spank her inner poppet and move on. I think Kisten and Jenks are my fave characters thus far...
Kitty Goes to Washington - Carrie Vaughn I read the first book and thought the sequel would be equally good. Maybe I shouldn't have read this other werewolf series before continuing...I found this book to be a bit predictable and boring. I skimmed to page 155 and peeked at the ending. Can't say that I'm compelled to read book 3 now.
The Last Days  - Scott Westerfeld I really tried to like this book. I got about page 125 and gave up. The characters didn't pull me in, the slang that was used was awful, and I guess I was expecting the cool medical side notes like in Peeps. The chapter arrangement was interesting, but hard to keep track of who was who and doing what because the characters were so boring.
The Last Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko, Andrew Bromfield, Kirill Komarov just finished. i kinda started really reading this yesterday and couldn't put it down.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Seth Grahame-Smith i tried to finish this. i only made it to page 100 and that was after skimming. after about 50 pages - the story becomes predictable. hey, we're going to go this person's house or this next town - what happens??!!?!! we're attacked by zombie hoards. we expell them quickly with our muskets and karate chops that we learned from this guy in china and hey, i'm not going to marry you because i can't give up my inner warrior but i kinda like this darcy chap even if he's sometimes a typical guy, but we're going to fall in love and fight zombies together.

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