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The Tale Of The Vampire Bride - Rhiannon Frater Hmm...This started out really good! Especially after reading The Historian. This was Dracula how vampires should be. I did think the heroine got a bit over the top after she turned. Yea, we get it, you hate Vlad. Yea, he's mean and violent. How many times does Glynis need to stomp her foot? Oh right, once more with feeling please! I think some of the story could have been edited out due to repetition and there were still a few grammatical errors that stood out, but hey - it was still an ok story. After getting through a bulk of the middle (where I wanted to quit) the story picked up again and raced towards the end where a lot of the action takes place. There were also a few predictable moments. Definitely not as good as "Pretty When She Dies" but still a nice take on an old classic.