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The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova This is the 2nd time I've started to read this book. I made it a whole lot farther this time, but uh why? Not sure...no seriously, no clue why I made it to 350 pages and yet, there is still too much to read. I had really high expectations from this book - I was a bit disappointed that it just kept dragging on the same idea over and over - it reminded me of the Saw movies where they use what seems to be the same scene over and over and over again. I think there could have been a bit more action since it's based on Dracula and what Vampire is going to hunt down people to collect and archive their life? Last time I checked vampires were into sucking blood and taking no prisoners unless they needed a day minion. Sure I get it's about a student Historian collecting different works and such, but geez someone could have edited out 300+ pages. This is almost reminding me of George R. R. Martin & "Game of Thrones" where there happens to be some foreshadowing followed up by foreshadowing followed up by even more lots of nothing to do. This should go on the "Gave up on list" but I feel like I've invested something so I'm counting it towards my completed list even though I wasn't even done with it.