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A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin Wow. 800 pages. A truly epic fantasy series that reminds me of the extended uncut 4 hour Lord of The Rings in book format only with more time spent on describing everything (less action), and I do mean everything.

There was a ton of foreshadowing, then the story would be captivating and engaging, then even more foreshadowing...and still more. I thought it spent a lot of time describing minor characters such as a serving girl or a slave boy and things could have been cut down or out.

While I like and can appreciate the detail that was spent describing things, after a while it just became cumbersome and I started skimming to try to find important pieces that pertained to what I felt was actually important to the story. I also wanted to get to the end because certainly after all this reading there has to be some reward right? I'm honestly surprised I stuck with it because more than once I thought about giving up and moving on to a different book. The ending was a bit cliche and a bit disappointing and because of it, I won't be continuing the series.